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Monday, August 1, 2011


Today I have finally made time to get back to spinning.  It was a conscious decision.  Regardless of political sides, Washington’s actions or inactions or whatever you want to call it is tremendously frightening to me.  We are better than we were regarding the fire danger.  We have gone from extraordinary danger down to very high level of danger and now down to high level of fire danger.  All around us has received nice rains.  We have had sprinkles, which is better than nothing.   

I woke up this morning with a headache, the kind of headache that tells me my blood pressure is up.  It seems as if we have been on alert here for quite some tim. I think my body is saying, “ahem……do something for stress please.”  And so I put away my list of to-do’s for today and I’ve been spinning Lightning’s fiber.  I can completely immerse myself in spinning.  Something about the rhythm and the repetitiveness of it is mesmerizing to me.  I forget about what else is going on.  I just took my blood pressure and it is way lower, even so far as a low normal range. And I have this gorgeous, lushy yarn to show for it.  We should make spinning mandatory!   

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