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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making progress

We really have made some progress this week.  The metal barn was taken away.  It is being used else where, so it won't be going in to the dump.  Tomorrow Rock and I will move the cement block used as foundation.  Then we will be able to clean the area and put up some chairs, making a nice place to sit in the pasture.  The ground itself is already level, so we will not have the hassle of dirt moving.

I sent one fleece to the mill late last week.  I have another ready to go and another almost done.  Gratefully, I had some help with Alfalfa's fleece.  I have never seen such a dirty fleece.  I do not have a clue what he did, but it was loaded with little, tiny pieces of grass and hay.  Because they were so small, it took a long, long time to get it cleaned.  But, it should go in the mail tomorrow, which means rovings will soon be returned and my spinning wheel will be very busy.

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