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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter storm

Now, we’re talkin’ winter! It was a lovely 4 above when we went out to do barn chores. We had about 13” of snow over night and have had an additional 2+ since. Before Rock bravely headed down the mountain to work he helped me get the snow load off the run in shed. I took on the upper deck and have done that twice since. It is so much easier to shovel an inch or two at a time compared to 13 at once.

Eli, one of the malamutes, was so excited this morning he went charging down the back deck stairs and ended up doing a full head over heels summersault. He took off running (and bellowing) immediately afterward which leads me to think that it is possible, especially with him, that it was planned. I looked out on the deck just a minute ago to see if they were ok. They were looking so stressed, laying tummy side up, sprawled to the world, almost snoring. Life is good in malamute land today.

The wind is coming up, so that adds a fun dimension. They have changed our low for tomorrow morning to a pleasant 20. It won’t take much wind to send that in to the officially cold zone.

The alpacas stayed in the run in shed most of the day. When they did decide they needed to be outside it was, of course, when we were getting heavy snow. I opened up their sleeping barn so they had a choice of three shelters to get in out of the snow and cold. I did put the both the Pyrenees and the three alpacas up early as the temperatures were dropping so.

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