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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Barn estimate

We had a contractor come out to do an estimate for the new barn. We are very excited. As soon as it is finished we will be able to bring home the three alpacas now living in Colorado. It will be nice to have everyone in one place.

I was able to spend this afternoon spinning. It intrigues me the difference in consistency. When I haven't spun for a while, like today, you can really tell. I think I may set a goal of spinning at least three times a week and see if that helps.

In about 2 weeks we should be getting 3 fleeces back from a mill that is new to us. I can't wait to see how they comes out. They are just cleaning it for us, so there will be plenty of spinning to do. It will be time for shearing before we know it with more fleeces to spin.

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