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Monday, December 20, 2010

First big snow of the season

If finally happened. We had the first big snow of the season a few days ago. We got over a foot. There is a special excitement in the first big snow. Have we properly prepared for what winter might bring? The new run in shed has stood sturdy in the winds and seems to hold the snow load. We know where all the shovels are. All the heaters in the water buckets and troughs are working.

Now, a few days after the snow, the temperatures have risen and we have a small amount of snow left and an abundance of mud. The Pyrenees look as though they have acquired knee high, brown, mud boots. Lightning, one of the white alpacas, seems to have a real affinity for rolling in one particular mud hole. Once he dries out, we'll use a blower on him and see if we can get the dirt out.

Life is never boring!

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