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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer is here

Let there be no doubt summer has arrived in Taos county. The temp will climb to the mid to upper 80's. Fortunately, the humidity is low. The clouds are starting to build over the mountains and the cover they bring helps keep things cooler. The gentle rumble of thunder hints we may get some much needed moisture this evening.

The malamutes are spread out on the tile and brick floors, looking like malamute rugs, soaking up as much of the cool as they can. I know they are dreaming of is their human.

I washed sheets from the guesthouse this morning and got them hung on the line. It took no time for them to dry. The benefits are less electricity use and that wonderful smell of line dried sheets.

I have a water sprinkler set in the pasture and turned it on twice today. It is quiet entertaining to watch the alpacas prance around, getting their legs wet, cooling themselves.

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