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Monday, June 28, 2010

More excitement than I care for

We had one of those sudden, mountain storms come through. We dropped from 70 to 40 in 5 minutes because of all the hail. Then the rain came. Water and hail were rushing everywhere. Our friend. James, did a grand job of getting the foundation to the alpaca barn level and sound and nothing was lost. In the midst of it all I discovered only Alfalfa and Popeye were in the barn, along with Nieve keeping guard. I found Lightning was stranded on the other side of the flooded arroyo. Wheeler, dutifully and very bravely stayed with him. I was able to get them across the arroyo. back into the barn, and dried them off. My turn for getting dried off is coming very soon. Even though it is very early to put them in, it is starting to thunder and lighting again, and the sky has that green cast it that says, "hail is on the way." So, pyrs and pacas are staying in the barn.

I think we probably lost most, if not all of our vegetables. There's still about 3" of hail over everything. The malamutes were out romping in the pseudo snow. I just brought them back in because of the lightning. They were hanging their heads, wanting to stay out an play longer.

Hugs to all

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