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Monday, June 18, 2012

No worries - easier said than done.

New Mexico, like so many areas, is in a terrible drought.  We have been in extremely high danger for fires for what seems like forever.  Every one is tense. It is never too far from my mind.  One of what I consider to be a God given talent is an incredible ability to worry.....about just about anything and everything.

I was headed out the door this morning to water the garden.  My mind was already churning about how dry it is and are we as prepared as we can be and, and, and.  And then I looked up to see all the color in the garden.  The poppies have never bloomed before.  The peonies are incredible.  It was such a serene moment I decided that, at least for today, I would not worry, but enjoy this little gift of color and life.  

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  1. The flowers are beautiful. Your acceptance of the gift in the face of reality is a lesson to all. What a lovely photo to share with the rest of us.