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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

All hands on deck call.

The sounds were very strange this morning.  Wheeler was howling like the malamutes, like angry malamutes.  Nieve was barking in high pitched yelps.  Jazzie had a bass tone to her bark. I went rushing out to the pasture and first saw Jazzie herding the alpacas into the corral.  Wheeler and Nieve were on the far side.  They had become almost frantic.  As I headed over I saw the bear (or a bear) running down the road.  Nieve & Wheeler were literally drooling they were so adjudicated. Their voices did not change until the bear was out of sight.  So it seems they gave me a taste of their "All hands on deck, this is serious" call.  And I shan't forget it!  

Now, alpacas are grazing and pyrs and sleeping. I like this much better. 

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