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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Herd and barn health day

Tomorrow is the day we have set up for herd health.  We will check nails and trim as needed.  All the alpacas have coats to help keep their fleece clean and we'll be checking to see if those are all still fitting well or if they need adjustments.  The Pyrs will all get their toenails trimmed.  We will also body score the alpacas to make certain their weight is correct.

We thought as long as we are getting the animals all spiffy, we should do the same for the barn.  So, we'll be rearranging the hay and getting the hay barn all swept out.

While it sounds like a really good plan, or it did until I heard the weather forecast.  Currently they are saying 6" of snow with high wind warnings.  Now won't that be fun!!!!   I will try and take pictures.  They ought to be doozies.

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