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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Animals are so intelligent

Yesterday morning we had some weather for sure.  We had blowing snow, winds over 50 mph, some sun, then more snow.  I looked out toward the pasture and the sun had changed in 10 minutes to a white out.  The winds were howling so.  I knew I really needed to get the pyrs and pacas into the barn.  I have a little, inconvenient round of bronchitis and knew I was going to get one chance to get them in before getting into some resp. issues.  I put on all my winter gear and headed out.  I walked out and they all came around me.  I, honestly, told them, "This is the one chance I have to get you into the barn so you'll be safe.  Please come now."   AND THEY DID!!!!  They followed single file, pyrs and pacas into the barn.  The pyrs went into their area and the pacas came in and laid down.  I was elated.  I think I often underestimate their abilities.

Today, the sun is shining brightly and they are out pronking in the pasture.   Well, the alpacas are pronking and the pyrs are sunning, tummy side up.

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