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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July

Fourth of July has always seemed to signal summer is in full swing.  It certainly feels that way by the temperatures.   The Los Alamos fire is improving.   That is decreasing our smoke filled air, which is  a very good thing. We have been getting sprinkles the last two evenings.  They are not enough to help with the drought, but it surely feels refreshing to stand in those sprinkles. 

This morning we picked peas, an onion, and cut lettuce and garlic chives for a salad. I love produce fresh from the garden.

The alpacas and the pyrs are in their new barn.  It has so much more room and they seem very happy.  This afternoon, in the heat of the day, I'll be working on cleaning Lightning's fleece to send to the mill for rovings.  I'll take breaks every so often to go turn the sprinkler on for the alpacas to cool themselves. 

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