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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Catnip harvest

For reasons I cannot explain, we grow lots and lots of catnip that, according to all the cat testers, is some powerful stuff.  I wish I could do so well with tomatoes. Year before last we harvested what dried up to be about 25 pounds of catnip.  That is a lot of catnip.  Last year we put in a few new plants in our recently acquired ranch.  We just did our first harvest off those plants.  It was a unamious decision, by all four of our cats, this is premo catnip.  We are thinking about calling it Maui Meowy, remembering the good old days, or maybe in honor of our 21 year old cat, who has passed on, Pudgie's Pride.  He was the pickiest about cat nip of all the cats.  Any suggestions will be welcome.

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