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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Three amigos and three musketeers are integrated

The tree amigos arrived.  Integrating them in with the three musketeers was, thankfully, uneventful.  I think the deal was sealed when they had to travel to shearing.  A couple of hours of trailer travel together and it was done. I think it helped too that they all had new "suits" at the end of shearing day and everyone was in the same boat.

The new, big barn is not yet done.  They are staying in the old barn together and there seems to be no fuss. We feel the temporary corral around the old barn is too small to keep both the pyrs and the pacas in all the time, so we've started letting them out in the morning for little run-abouts.  We do this before we put down their breakfast which makes it easier to get them to come back into the corral.  This has to be done prior to contractors arriving to work on the new barn. 

They are incredible to watch when free in the pasture.  They some times leap like gazelles. They spend lots of time pronking about. They run up and down the arroyo. It is beautiful. Since they are now an integrated group, they need a name which includes all.  They are now the Arroyo Fliers.  

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