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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The barn is on hold

It looks like we have a chance to practice patience.  The barn is on hold.  We're waiting for county permitting to come look at the holes for posts.  Our contractor is hoping that will happen by next week.  All the holes are dug and the sonotubes are in to receive the concrete.  Just waiting.....something I do so well. 

We were supposed to pick up Cezanne, Svengali and Yuri from Colorado and bring them to their new home on Thursday.  That will not be happening.  We are really hoping that we can get them the following week as we are scheduled to do shearing on the 21st and they need time to get familiar with the other alpacas. They also have not ever been around dogs, so they will need some time to get used to their big, fluffy guardians.  I'm not sure how we will juggle all this and it is so irritating that I have absolutely no control what so ever to get the actual building moving.

Practicing patience....failing, but practicing.

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