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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Barn updates

I was a little worried yesterday as we had rain.  We are so dry I would not have minded getting enough rain to slow down the building process, but we got a little misty rain, not enough to interfere.  We are pretty happy that the dirt work seems to be all done.  They started digging holes for the poles.  Since we sit on rock, they worked really hard getting those in.  There are a few more to put in, but they are mostly done.  They have it all marked to square and Rock and I have been out to stand in the middle of it.  It is very exciting for us.

They pyrs and pacas are ready to get out of their corral. It is a bit confining, but it keeps them safe.  So far, we are still able to appease the pacas with alfalfa and the pyrs with far.

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