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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hanging sheets

The front of out house faces North.  When the snow load comes off the roof it piles up, rather impressively,  Because it is on the north side, it is the last snow to melt.  We refer to is as Mushers' Mountain, remembering our dog sledding days.

I love hanging cloths on the line to dry.  I love that I'm not paying the electric company.  I love that it ecologically friendly.  But most of all I love the smell of the cloths, especially the sheets.  This morning is the first time this year I am able to hang cloths on the line without freezing them or me. It is very early for that and unseasonably warm. The sun is shining and the sky has that famous Taos blue sky. 

It seems ironic that as I head out the front door, armed with loaded laundry basket and pins, I gingerly walk up and over Mushers' Mountain to get to the cloths line.  Variety is good.

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