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Saturday, December 4, 2010


It was much like spring today. We started at 14 and moved up to 56 for a high. We got a lot of last minute projects completed including painting the metal barn. Rock worked on new feeders for the alpacas. They were quite the supervisors, humming as they watched.

Last week we went up to Tres Amigos to see our other three alpacas. They will come to New Mexico once we finish the addition to the barn which will probably be sometime in late April. I've had so much fun with all their fiber. It spins like a dream. Blending the colors has been something new for me as well. We are both so enamored with their lushy fiber. There is just nothing like it.

We are in need of snow. Ski Valley is opened, but they too are in need of more snow. I actually hung out sheets on the line today. That is an odd thing for December in our mountains.

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