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Monday, April 1, 2013

 It has been far too long since I posted on the blog.  I'm afraid we've been sucked into the Facebook world and I've neglected our blog.  I thought I'd start back with a great picture.

Our cat, M.C. was named with those initials, originally, because he was my mom's cat.  However, when he came to live with us, we found he has an obsession about money.  He carries it upstairs with him at night and will not go to bed until he has his money.  He carries is down stairs with him during the day.  He gets really upset if any of the other cats try to mess with his money.  He will even knock Rock's wallet off the dresser and take money out of it!  We just found him taking a nap on his money this morning.  Maybe the M.C. should stand for money cat.

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