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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hope Patton-Schuster October 31, 1998 - December 20, 2011

It seems impossible, but Hope has left us.  While we are grateful she did not suffer the sometimes long, arduous complications of aging, we are left here with huge holes in our hearts.

The picture, from our friend Dana, shows the true Hope……just full of herself and everyone should know.  Hope was, in all the best sense pushy, strong, determined, stubborn, mouthy and she was very smart.  She kept us on our toes with that combination!  Hope’s  nick name was Sassy Butt, and she most certainly was that.  Once she decided to do something, she would move heaven and earth to do it.  It would be an understatement to say she regularly kept things interesting on the dog sled. She was a great mom to her two puppies, now almost seven.  She was kind and gentle, but also stern with them when necessary.  Hope was always, always in charge.  She was a clown and, at times, a handful in the show ring.  She constantly had an opinion that she loved sharing, regardless of what time of day or location.  With Hope’s passing there is a giant void in our household and in our canine chorus.

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