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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

At long last

We have finally had rain, real rain. It seems odd to be celebrating rain when so much of the country is flooding.  But here in our part of Northern New Mexico, we are still in a desperate drought. Saturday we had a nice shower that bordered on rain; a full 1/4".  But yesterday we had rain, undisputeable rain measuring just over 1/3".  Even the areas under tree canopies were wet, finally. The fragrance after a rain is wonderful, oh so clean. Pinon permiates everything.  As you walk across the yard it seems to activate the soft, musty smell that is exclusive to a forrest floor.  This morning it was cool, in the mid 40's reminding me fall is coming.  Pyrs, pacas and malamutes were all excited, in their respective spaces, and raced or pronked about.  The cats found sunbeams and slept.  A cat is a cat and that is that.

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